Services rendered include but not limited to the following:

  • Routine general medical consultation.
  • Specialist medical consultation.
  • Specialist surgical consultation/Day care & specialist surgeries.
  • Gynecological, obstetric and pediatric services including antenatal care.
  • Medical laboratory investigations including Hematology and Blood Banking, chemistry and medical microbiology.
  • Radiological and histopathological services are offered through a strategic relationship with specialized-operating centers located not more than 300meter from our facility.
  • Physiotherapy services are equally available if/when desired.
  • Ambulance services are available to evacuate and convey needy clients to the hospital.
  • A well-stocked pharmacy, run by pharmacists and trained pharmacy technicians operate over a 24 hour period.
  • Public health services including immunization for children and adult, preschool/health evaluation for children and adults as well as health promotion activities for schools, churches and work places,
  • Occupational health services to industries, mass screening of workers and food handlers,

With access to

24 Hour



Specialist Health care personnel, working as a team according to current international best practice.